Car rentals in the Greek islands : what you should be on the look out for

The Greek islands are among the most famous in the world, however if you want to experience them to their fullest, you would have to rent a car.

Visiting the Greek islands is definitely one of the best ways to spend your summer vacation. Let’s just say that the millons of visitors that come each year simply can’t be wrong. What makes those islands so unique, is the fact that they combine natural beauty, with many very important archaeological sites and museums. Many of them are also famous for their nightlife and extravagant hotels and resorts. in other words, if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea, and learn a bit about history and culture, the Greek islands are the best destination for you.

The islands of Greece may look small in maps, but some of them are actually pretty big. Some, like Crete and Evoia are in fact among the largest in Europe. This means that the best way to see everything that they have to offer is by car and since you probably won’t have your own with you, then you will have to rent one from your vacation destination. So, let’s see what you should be careful of when you rent  a car in the Greek islands.

Do your market research

Most Greek islands feature a lot of car rental companies. It is not uncommon for small islands to have many companies, each offering its own rates and packages. The internet is perfect for getting a feel of the car rental market on each island.

Prefer local companies

On most popular destinations, such as Santorini, you will usually find branches of multinational car rental companies, its a lot better though to choose a local company like the Santorini Easy Rental Company. Local companies will offer you better rates and their people know the island like the back of their hands, meaning that they could tell you which sites are worth visiting, where you should eat, e.t.c. Also they will be on call 24/7 in case you need some help. Finally most local companies will have one of their people waiting for you with your car at the airport or the islands port free of charge.

Pay attention to what the rates include

Before renting a car on a Greek island, you should have a close look to check what you actually paying for. Some rates, especially the very low ones, won’t include things like theft insurance and road assistance. If those things are important to you, then you should make sure that they are included in the offered rates.

Clearly specify what kind of car you are looking for

If you would like to rent a car in Santorini of a specific type, like an automatic car, or a 4×4 for instance, you should make that very clear to the Santorini car rental company before booking. You should ask them to ensure that they will have the kind of car requested, and to inform you in advance if for any reason that is not possible. Keep in mind , that most cars in Greece are manual, so if you don’t know how to “drive stick ” , and you don’t specify that you need an automatic car, you might end up with a car that you can’t drive!

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