5 beaches in Santorini to visit with a rental car

When visiting Santorini you really need to take the time to find the best beaches there. In order to do so, you will probably need to rent a car, as the public transport of the island is not that good and the bus roots are not frequent. We have prepared a guide to the 5 beaches in Santorini to visit with a rental car.

The majority of Santorini’s beaches are not reachable by bus so if you are going to rent a car, you are going to be able to see a lot more beaches including sights, restaurants and shops.

Perissa (Black beach)

Perissa beach which is also widely known as the “Black Beach”. It is a very long beach, full of black sand, rocks and pebbles. The colors are fascinating to watch for the human eye and the scenery is going to amaze you. It is also known as the busiest beach of Santorini and anyone can admit that it is the most organized one as far as sunbeds, umbrellas and shops are concerned.

In this beach, you can witness crystal clear blue waters that are contrasting with the black sand and you will want to sit in Perissa beach all day long. You can also find some beach bars too where you have the chance to enjoy your cocktails while listening to the most famous DJs in the world. There are also some “facilities” for beach sports such as volleyball and of course you can rent wquipment for water sports.

The access to Perissa beach is quite easy as it is close to Fira and the Airport of Santorini. You could get to this beach by public transport but it would be easier if you rented a car as taxis in Santorini are very expensive.


The Kamari Beach is a famous beach in Santorini which also has dark colored sand and many available umbrellas and sunbeds. It is a wonderful choice if you are visiting Santorini with your family and kids as it is quiet yet organized. There are also many traditional taverns nearby where you can have your lunch and many coffee shops where you can enjoy your coffee while admiring the endless blue sea.

You can access Kamari beach pretty easily as it is very close to Fira and it is accessible with the public transport buses. However, if you want to visit this beach with either children or seniors, it would be better to rent a vehicle so that you can be more independent (about the hours of leaving) and that you will not wait for hours in the hot sun.

Vlychada Beach

This specific beach has an amazing landscape with white sand, pebbles and rocks and it is never crowded as it is a very long beach, so people are always keeping a distance. There are also neither noisy beach bars nor water sports available. It is a place for families or for those who need to take their time and relax.

There are of course some sunbeds with a small charge available and you can also find a small port next to the beach. In this port there are restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy freshly picked fish and other Greek traditional courses.

Unfortunately, there are no public transport bus routes available to get you to Vlychada. You will definitely need to rent a car in order to get to it and you should also know that it is super friendly for families with kids. To get there you can either ask the locals for directions or follow the road signs on the main streets.

Red beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Santorini. It could not be out of 5 beaches in Santorini to visit with a rental car as its amazing red volcanic rocks that can be found around the beach make it even more breathtaking. In contrast to the blue sea water they create an amazing scenery and it is a perfect spot for those who love taking photographs.

It is quite a small beach though, so you will need to get there as early as possible in order to find a spot. The path that you follow to get down to the beach is quite rough and bumpy so we would suggest wearing shoes and not flip flops. The road to get there by car is not the easiest, so we would not recommend this beach to people with children or seniors. There is a parking space close to the Red beach where you can park your rental car easily.

Katharos Beach

The Katharos beach (which means “clean” in Greek) is another very quiet and family-friendly beach. The tourists do not prefer to go there as it is not very popular. This beach is small and it is full ofwith small pebbles and sand. You are able to see many big volcanic rocks around the beach which create an intimidating scenery.

The beach is close to Oia and Ammoudi bay and you can go there if you wish to enjoy beautiful sunsets. To get to Katharos beach, you are probably going to need a car or a motorcycle. It is approximately a 5 minute drive from Ammoudi.  If you have time and hikong skills, you could try to go on foot if you are staying close to Ammoudi (approximately a 30 minute-walk).

We hope that you have enjoyed the tour to the 5 beaches in Santorini to visit with a rental car and that you are going to visit them when you come to the island. Our advice is to definitely rent a car so that you will be able to enjoy your vacation there!

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