As you may know, car ental rates differ between companies. Here are five tips to get the best car rental rates on one of the most famous tourist destinations..the Greek islands.

When it comes to your vacation, the best way to enjoy and explore your destination is definitely by car. The Greek islands include some of the worlds most famous tourist destinations such as Santorini. In almost every tourist location in the world there are car rental companies. Each company offers its own rates and packages, so selecting the right one is very important. Here are some tips that you should have in mind.

Each island is a unique market

You can’t get a “ballpark rate” by lokking up rental rates in random Greek islands. It is often noticed, that in more popular islands, ( like Santorini )  one can find lower rates than in islands that are not so popular

Pay attetntion to the small letters

Does a rate sound too good to be true? Then maybe that is not the final rate. If a company offers significantly lower rates than all other companies, there is a big possibility that there are hidden charges, ( some companies charge extra for the basic third party insurance, may charge taxes up to 27% on top of the rate on car collection, or charge more when the car is not collected from their station ) Make sure that you pay attention to the small print before you commit.

Take into consideration the price of fuel

Gas price is of course different in every country.In Europe in general costs more. Gas expenses is definitely a factor that you should take into consideration when renting a car. A hugh SUV can prove very expensive to move around. Try to avoid vehicles with high fuel consumption, especially in small islands like Santorini

Haggle with local companies

When visitors want to rent a car in Santorini, they might turn on branches of multinational companies. That could turn out to be a big mistake, as the rates with these companies are usually very high, plus a lot of services are charged as an extra ( theft and unlimited third party insurance, child seats, extra drivers, different pick up and drop off location are usually only some of them ). Look for local companies such as Easy Rental Santorini Services on the island of Santorini and negotiate for a better price with them. Local companies usually are more open, and very friendly.

Go online for Santorini rental car

Many companies, even small local ones, offer unique discounts and offers to people who book their cars, using their website. Try to take advantage of those offers by logging in to Google and performing searches for car rental prices on the island that you intend to visit. That should give you a good idea of the rates and special offers available. Always keep in mind that you should not only compare rates, but also what do these rates include…

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