7 reasons why you should visit Santorini

Are you planning your vacation in Santorini but you have no idea what activities to do there? We have prepared a full list of the 7 reasons why you should visit Santorini, either you are visiting with friends, your significant other, or family. There are many things that you can do in Santorini -you will probably need to rent a car though- and we are going to present to a guide featuring the best activities.

Bear with us, and let us travel you to the most amazing islands of Greece which will offer you some unforgettable memories and stay in your heart forever. Let’s begin with the 7 reasons why you should visit sound Santorini.

The beaches

The island is not well known for its beaches but this does not mean that Santorini’s beaches are not worth visiting. We island has a lot of amazing coasts that you can visit either with your family or your friends, and it can satisfy any taste, from the demanding teens that want to party all day until the families and seniors that want to relax while being on the island.


If we were to suggest a beach that is suited for a family, we would advise you to go to Perissa and Kamari beaches which are offering various activities for children and are quite spacious. You can find a lifeguard, children’s parks, water sports, beach volley courts and many more. They are quiet beaches and you can find some traditional taverns there where you can have your lunch.

No, if you are going to Santorini to party and have a good time, you will want to visit Eros beach where you can find the most popular beach bar of the island and also Perivolos beach. There you will have the chance to party and enjoy frozen cocktails at the beach with music from the beach bars.

The most beautiful sunset

We bet that you already know this, but many people are visiting the island every year to witness the most beautiful sunset in the world. It is a sight that will mesmerize you, as the beautiful orange, red and pink colors of the sunset are diving into the endless blue of the Aegean sea. Of course you would want to bring your camera to take pictures so that you will be able to remember it for the rest of your life.

There are many spots that you can watch the sunset from, it was the most famous being Oia. You will notice that there are lots of people trying to watch the sunset as well, so you will want to take your seats early in the afternoon so that you will be able to enjoy the sunset without being stuffed in the alleys with other people.

Walk from Oia to Fira

This one is a very interesting activity if you like hiking and walking. There is a path that goes from Oia to Fira and it is approximately 2 to 5 hours depending on the pace of your walking. If you are going to the island for more than three days, it is worth taking the path and enjoying the nature of the island, the villages as well as the fabulous view.

It is not a very difficult path but you do not want to underestimate it. You αρε going to need at least a bottle of cold water with you as summer in Greece tends to be quite hot and of course you will need to wear comfortable shoes. Take your camera with you as the view is breathtaking and you would definitely want to capture the moments.

You should also bear in mind that there are not many shops in your way so take whatever you need to have with you in advance.

Have dinner with a breath-taking view

Another fun activity would be to book a table with a view and have your dinner there. They are quite many restaurants that offer dinner with a view of the sunset and the endless blue. If you cannot find a restaurant, you could also ask for a hotel with of you and have your dinner there.

Book a tour

If you love exploring then you will enjoy booking a tour of the island. There are many tours offered in Santorini, from the tour of the whole island, to the tour of the volcano and the hot springs, to a romantic sail tour, you will find the one that fits your needs.

People in Santorini, especially the locals will know where to send you. You should really take the time to have a conversation with a local so that they would suggest the best beaches, restaurants, and generally activities that are worth your time in Santorini.

Have a wine tasting

One of the most amazing experiences that you are going to have in Santorini. is a wine tasting. There is a number of wineries that are open to public. You can have a guided tour of the wineries, learn more about the process of how wine is made and of course taste the most amazing wines of Santorini.


If you are not able to go to a winery, then we would suggest that you bring some bottles of wine back home. This way you can enjoy a little bit of Greece wherever in the world you will be.

Learn more about Santorini’s history

If you are traveling with your family or if you simply love to meet new cultures and learn more about the history of the place you are visiting, you should definitely visit the museums of Samtorini. You can visit the Prehistoric museum of Thira, the Archaeological museum which is also based in Thira, the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine musical instruments, the Tomato Museum and many more.

This way you are going to leave from the island full of new knowledge and amazing experiences!

Do not forget that if you are willing to do some of the activities we mentioned above, you will probably need to rent a car as Santorini is not famous for her public transport means. Renting a car will allow you to visit more places even in a few days if your vacation is short.

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