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Santorini island is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It combines natural beauty, archaeological interest, the notoriously famous Greek tradition and of course, the Mediterranean Cuisine! Keep in mind that renting a car seems to be the best way to move around the island  so please feel free to see our offers and discounts! Santorini car rental is mandatory if you want to see its beauty to the fullest!

Akrotiri car rental

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Akrotiri is a historical village of Santorini with a population of 355 inhabitants. It is located at the southwest end of the island, 15 km away from the capital city of Santorini, Fira. It is administered in the Akrotiri Local District of the Municipality of Thira. During the Venetian conquest in the medieval times it was one of the island’s most popular places.

The modern village is built up in the hill and there is still the Venetian tower, or the castle, as it is called by the locals. Akrotiri is world known due to the prehistoric settlement that was discovered in the excavations.

Santorini car rental

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