Did you rent a car in Santorini to see the representation of the Volcano Eruption?

Here are some of the most important reasons you should rent a Santorini car on your next trip to Santorini…

It is fun to drive in Santorini since it is a relatively small island, you can cross the entire island by car in almost one day. However, even in two or three days you can visit all the major attractions by car.

Rent a car to see more places

Another reason to rent a car in Santorini is to see as many places as possible. The rental car offers more flexibility in travel than public transport. Car rental in Santorini is really worth it! Otherwise you will miss the opportunity to visit places where buses cannot take you.

  • Spend your day at Kamari or Perivolos beach
  • Hike the secluded Red Beach
  • Visit the museums of Akrotiri and Fira

By renting a car in Santorini, you can make the most of your leisure time. This way you can choose the places you want to visit, and just go!


Santorini: Magic on the Caldera – Representation of the volcano eruption

Everyone who were lucky to be on the island for vacation and had rented a Santorini car to be able to go prom one village to another got stuck by the magnificent representation of the volcano eruption!

The volcanoes in Santorini have again turned the Caldera into the most beautiful balcony in the world. Fireworks turned night into day…


For yet another year, thousands of people from almost every part of the Caldera in Santorini watched Saturday, 21/9/2019, an impressive fireworks display by New Kameni as part of the annual Volcanoes event.

The “volcanoes” before and after the fireworks included music events in Fira, while on Friday 20/9/2019 the soundtrack “From Lesvos to Santorini – a volcanic islands trip” was presented at the Tower.

As every year, the Caldera from Akrotiri to Oia became the largest and most beautiful balcony in the world and forced Greeks and foreigners to bow to the incredible beauty of Greece’s first tourist destination.

At Santorini Car Rentals, you can choose the right car for your vacation or trip around the island so you can explore the wonderful island of Santorini!

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