Are you dreaming of clear waters and beaches with sand in a variety of colours? From red sand beach to black and white sand beaches, Santorini have everything you dreamed off. The only thing you should need is to rent a Santorini car and a map. Our guide takes you around the Greek island to experience the best beaches in Santorini that should be part of your holiday plans.

Because of the warm weather  in Greece you can visit Santorini’s beaches all year around. If the moon had beaches they would look like Santorini. Unmatched in beauty and diversity, Santorini is perhaps the most beautiful island of the Cyclades. Certainly the sunset, the volcano, its white houses and the view from the Caldera are the perfect combination to create an unparalleled idyllic setting for every loving couple. But how many times will you look at the same scene? So follow our guide for the beaches of Santorini and meet the sea side of Santorini.


Red Beach

A rare beach that is definitely worth a visit. It stands out for its red sand but also for the red and black volcanic landscape you encounter. It is accessible in two ways. Either by boat from Akrotiri or by car. As a matter of course why you will need to walk a bit to get to the beach. You will find coffee and soft drinks on the beach, so you do not need supplies. If you plan to visit it in August, be prepared for a lot of people on the beach. You’d better try to get up very early in the morning, maybe find a free sunbed or at least a corner to leave your towel on.



Part of the huge beach located to the southeast of the island and also includes Perissa beach. The black sand can host but its crystal clear waters compensate every visitor. It is very large in size, so whether you want to sit in one of the many beach bars you had or want your privacy, you can choose. Behind the beach there are many taverns and rooms to let.


At the southernmost point of the island, Vlychada is considered a very special beach because of its volcanic landscape and the rocks that surround it. The sea has formed many recesses and caves to explore. While there are umbrellas, you will not find it difficult to isolate yourself if you so desire. In the secluded areas of the beach, once you get past the sun loungers and the picturesque beach bar built like a “natural cave in the rocks” you can go nude. Be aware that at this point the mobile signal is not so strong.


White Beach

Anyone who visits the island’s Red Beach is worth a visit to the beach next to White. It is a very small beach with white pebbles and very quiet. Ideally quiet compared to the busy and adjacent Red Beach. There you will need to go prepared.


It is a port and not a beach. However, waters are wonderful and there are a few people from the island who prefer it for their sea bath (besides eating at the taverns by the sea). Access is a) on foot by descending 200 steps or b) by mules if you are adventurous, or c) classic car ride but then you will have to walk 200 m. Although Ammoudi is not exactly a beach it is more picturesque places of Santorini and attracts many people who want to enjoy a Santorini meal and take a dip. It’s a great choice to watch the sunset at 7, with crowds standing on the steps or path leading from the parking lot to the port.


If you are traveling by boat, between Oia and Imerovigli there is Mouzakia beach. It is mainly known to those who have a boat since it is accessible only by sea. It always has very clean water and the privacy it offers by not being accessible by car makes it particularly popular with those who have the option of accessing it alternatively.


The northern part of the beach we mentioned earlier is located to the south-east of the island. Also with black sand due to the volcano but this does not prevent the visitors from choosing any of her bars to relax. It is fully organized and for the most active there is the possibility of water sports. The fact that it has a blue flag will probably make you think a little more to visit it.

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