How to Avoid Accidents in Santorini

Every summer most accidents occur when driving motorbikes. Santorini car rental is the best option to rent a car and have great and safe vacations on the island.

Tourists 4 out of 10 who have been hit are aged 15 to 34 and 36% of the accidents have occurred with motorbikes due to alcohol consumption and ignorance of road traps.

Greece, apart from caldera of Santorini, is internationally well-known for something else related to the Greek destinations: the travel instructions of foreign countries to the potential visitors of our country regarding the road behaviour of its inhabitants.

Foreign tourists are prone to road accidents

The high consumption of alcohol, the sense of uncontrolled freedom that dominates the summer and the ignorance of the traps on the Greek road network,
every year thousands of foreign tourists are injured in Greek hospitals.

Most injured tourists are young, aged 15 to 34 years. Four out of ten have been hit on road accidents, which in 36% of cases have occurred with motorbikes, resulting in injuries mainly on the legs and the face, since they do not hear helmets.

Yet, their injuries are mostly light not serious and that is why they need only first aid or even a few days in the hospital, the number of tourists killed is twice as high as that of permanent residents and four times higher than that of the Greek tourists.

In addition, injuries to foreign tourists usually occur during the hours they return from the beach or from night-out, while many injures happen in parks, squares, bars and clubs.


What studies show about accidents in Santorini

As studies showed, foreign tourists are involved in road accidents almost twice as often as the permanent inhabitants of the island:

Permanent residents record 2.7 injuries per 100,000 people per day and to foreigners 4.4 per 100,000. Any type of accidents involving foreign tourists have as more frequent consequence of open wounds or surface wounds.

However, the number of tourists ending in the hospital with a stroke is larger than that of both Greek tourists and permanent ones residents (2.8%, 2.2% and 2.4%, respectively). Most injuries of tourists and locals happen on the feet, on the head and on the face.

The good news for tourists is that they generally hit lightly and in the majority of cases they leave the hospital after the first assistance. However, the wounded who need hospitalization, even for one day is a higher percentage to foreign tourists (11.9%) compared to the Greeks (7.4%) and locals (10.5%).


What can be done to avoid accidents

Road behaviour is a matter of education and culture. Greek citizens need to have a higher level of self-esteem, and everyone realizes that their loved ones are waiting for them at home. We should become not just good drivers but also, good people.

Right now education can only be created with the media because it does not depict what really happens on the street, where young children are being injured. Foreigners play spots on TV that do not show the danger of consuming too much alcohol, but the exotic sequence.

Also the presence of the Police is often enough to prevent such bad accidents. We need to be tightened up all until we figure out what’s going on and change the situation.

To have a safe and wonderful vacation in Santorini island you should better rent a car and enjoy your travel.

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