How to choose the right child seat for your Santorini car rental

Santorini, is a very popular holiday destination, for families, from all over the world. A rental car in Santorini, is definitely, the easiest way to get around, especially when traveling with young children. We have always been , and always will be, providing child seats for free, for our clients. This post will explain the differences between different kinds of child seats, so you can request the right ones for your children, for your rental car.

1. Child seat for children up to 20 kgs

This child seat, is adjusted to the back seats of the car, with cars seatbelts. The child is safely secured, with child seats belts. This type of child seat, is always attached so the child faces forward

2. Booster seat for children bigger than 20 kgs

The booster seats purpose, is to lift the child, so the car seat belts can be used properly.

3. Infant seats

This type of child seat, is perfect for infants, that are not able to stand yet . It is attached always to the back seats of the car, facing the back of the car. Attention all infant seats must be attached in a way that the child faces the back of the car!

If you have any question, we would be very happy to help you select the proper child seats for your Santorini rental car.

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