Is Santorini a safe island to visit in 2020?

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands and this is proven by the thousands of tourists who visit her every year. As we all now, Greek islands have their own beauty and Santorini is known for her beautiful sunsets. In, we know that due to the current situation people are wondering if it is safe to travel and probably many of you are wondering is Santorini a safe island to visit in 2020?

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding the safety measures, the nightlife, the car rental companies, restaurants, flights etc. Bear in mind that if you are going to rent a car in Santorini, you are going to avoid physical contact with many people!

General Safety Measures

Everyone knows that the virus outbreak created many problems in countries all over the world. The one thing we know for sure is that Greece is a safe destination and it is suggested by many international news agencies and channels. Santorini is perfectly safe as everyone is prepared to receive the tourists and everyone is following the WHO regulations.

Masks and gloves are not obligatory but if you would feel safe it is good to have a couple with you. In crowded places such as buses or shops, the mask will protect you from germs and other people who might carry the virus.

Flights to and from Santorini

In Greece, the borders concerning flights have opened for certain countries allowing flights to and from Greece. Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions in flights many countries are not performing flights to Greece. In this case you will not be able to visit the island this year. Countries located in the European Union (with some exceptions) have already opened their borders and they are sending and receiving people to and from Greece.

Flight companies are taking their own safety measures according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and this is why less people are flying in planes now keeping their distance, masks are mandatory from the moment you step in to the airport until you exit the airport in your destination. Food and drinks are offered in single use containers so that you will not have any contacts with the flight attendants.

If you choose to travel this year to Santorini, you should know that the island is perfectly safe as everyone is taking their measures. It is better though before leaving to book an appointment with your doctor so that you have a green light to travel.

Ships to and from Santorini

Same thing goes for the ships that are departing from Athens pita to Santorini and the rest of the islands in Greece. Less people are traveling in these ships due to the social distancing rules (around 70% of the completeness). When you are going to be in the shade, it is better to keep your distance and avoid physical contact with anyone. If you have your ticket in electronica form this would help you to avoid contacts.

You can also keep disinfecting wipes with you or an antiseptic fluid so that you can disinfect your hands on the go. Packing your own lunch would also be a great idea so that you won’t have to buy anything from the ship.

You should be aware of your travel insurance and if you do not have one then we suggest that you buy a package so that you will be covered in case something happens. Visit a doctor before leaving for vacation so that you know that you’re healthy and capable of traveling.

Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies have taken their own majors to as far as the virus is concerned. They are keeping their distance from the customers and they have installed plastic dividers and shields that protect them and the customers while having a transaction. They preferred to have contact-less transactions so it would be better to use your credit card rather than cash.

As far as the cars and other vehicles are concerned, the staff of the companies are cleaning them thoroughly and disinfecting them when they are returned so that they would be ready for the next customer. You have nothing to fear as our car until company is following the safety measures and rules from the WHO.

The best thing is that when you rent a car you do not have to get into buses or taxis that are full of other people. Basically, you are going to feel safer and more protected especially if you rent a car at the airport!

Beach bars, restaurants and nightlife

Of course, we could not commit to the beach bars, restaurants and general nightlife of the island. The islands will not be as crowded as it used to be the previous years that you could actually take advantage of it as you were going to be able to see more places. Most beach bars and taverns are working normally as nothing has affected them. Of course the distance between the tables over the guest should be longer than last year so that you won’t have any contact with other people.

You really have nothing to fear this year as you will probably enjoy the island with much less people than usual. You will not wait in lines to get into archaeological sights or you will not be walking in crowded alleys. Not to mention the private sunset photos that you are going to take as there are not going to be a lot of people in Oia!


Most hotels are opening this year too so you do not have to worry about your accommodation. They are taking the measures seriously and clean their rooms thoroughly for the next customers. The staff of the hotels is prepared for you and they are going to make sure that your stay will be safe!

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