Monolithos Beach Santorini

Monolithos is one of the most popular beaches in Santorini. It combines wild natural beauty, archaeological sites, Greek local tradition and food! Renting a car in Monolithos and Santorini in general seems to be the best way to move around the island. Do not hesitate to visit our site and see our offers! Santorini car rental is mandatory if you want to see its beauty to the fullest!

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Some general infrormation about Monolithos

Monolithos beach’s special characteristics are the shallow waters and the black sand. This beach is mostly preferred by families and is known as the family beach of Santorini. There is a lifeguard tower and wooden toys for children by the sea.

In the area one can also find basketball courts, beach volley and other sport activities. There are plenty taverns, some hotels, cafes, mini-markets and whatever a family might need. The old Nomikos tomato factory is what people prefer for sightseeing on the beach. The Monolith beach can be seen from the plane before landing on the island, from the runway, or while flying around the airport.

Monolithos Beach is family-oriented area, due to the shallow waters and the play area zone that make it reasonable for little kids. Hence, it is broadly famous generally among families and local people. It is an average sea shore of Santorini, long enough with dark and dim sand and completely clear waters. Some part of is sorted out with sunbeds, umbrellas and a lifeguard pinnacle and it has even got a football pitch, a b-ball court and a volleyball court offering unlimited long periods of engaging family minutes.


Another part is more segregated, ideal for more private sessions at the beach, quietness and unwinding where you can appreciate the natural shade that the trees have to offer. Praiseworthy the arrangements of stones, are corroded by the salt and the breeze, face the ocean, like those in Vlychada Beach, despite the fact that they are less amazing. Close to the beach, there are bistros, bars and eateries where you can finish your serene day at the sea shore and taste customary dishes.

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How to get to Monolithos

Monolithos is located on the southeast side of Santorini. The village got its name from a large rock ‘Monolithos’, on which there is the church of Agios Ioannis.

Monolithos is located just below the airport area. You can (also) reach by road from Karterados following the road to the sea and turning right on the dirt road. The normal road is reaching the junction of Messaria to continue straight to the airport and then to the sea.

In Monolithos there is the only tomato canning factory that continues and operates on the island. The factory belongs to the Association of Thera Products Cooperative. You will be able to rent a car in Santorini airport and get to

Activities in Monolithos with rent a Santorini car

Near the airport, on the east side of the island, Monolithos beach is the first to be seen by a visitor who lands by plane in Santorini.

Thanks to the wonderful black sand and its shallow waters, Monolithos is considered the best family beach in Santorini. It is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and a children’s playground. There are also great basketball courts and beach volleyball courts in the area, while if you are hungry the region has a number of taverns as well as hotels, rooms to let and bars.

  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of Monolithos beach
  • Have lunch and dinner at one of the many taverns and restaurants
  • Enjoy a day’s worth at the beach, lay in sunbeds and drink refreshing cocktails and drinks
  • Visit the tomato factory in Monolithos

And some other activities you can engage with if you will rent a Santorini car are the following:

  • Visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri
  • Ancient Thira is a great option to learn more about the history of the island
  • Witness the most famous sunset in Europe, in Oia or Firostefani
  • Swim in the spectacular beaches of Santorini, Red beach, Black beach, Vlychada etc.
  • Taste the local delicacies in any restaurant and tavern!

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