Rent a car on Santorini vacation- Learn what to watch out!

You have already begun planning and organizing your summer vacation. Within your plans is to rent a car on your Santorini vacation! Learn what you need to be careful not to get caught asleep and to save unnecessary expenses!

If you are one of those who still think about whether to rent a car or get their own, let us say that we 100% support rent! It’s a much more economical solution as you save the cost of transporting the car with the ship (have you seen how expensive it is even for a very close destination to take the car? If you haven’t seen the cost yet… save yourself and don’ t look it up.

What do you have to watch out when you rent a car?

  1. The time of rental! The sooner you rent the car the more economic the price you hear will be! Also, if you rent for more than 5 days, the price will be reduced as car rental companies have special offers for multi-day packages.
  2. The company from which you will rent the car! Rented cars need to carry the special EOT label!
  3. The necessary documents! When renting a car, make sure to fill in all your details correctly in the documents and read very detailed the details of the security you have chosen! The best option is to choose Mixed Safety to cover all possible damage. It may sound like a big deal, but it will save you more paperwork in case of an accident!
  4. Do not forget! Before you even leave home double check that you have got your passport or ID, credit cards and driving license. If you do not have them with you, you will not be able to rent a car!
  5. The years you have your driving license! Also, you have to pay too much attention to the years you have your diploma! Most car rental companies do not rent their cars to holders of diplomas that have not completed at least 1 year driving a car! (FAQS)
  6. What you sign! At the stage of signing the rental agreement, read in detail what it writes! Its general and special terms, the “fine print” of the contract and get a copy of the contract!


What to check on the vehicle you will rent!

Check the tank and make sure you return the car exactly with the same amount of fuel because otherwise you will have to pay in advance the gasoline and usually get even more! He also noted in front of the company employee all existing damages to avoid undue extra charges. If on the way you find some damage that was not obvious when you made the recording, you should photograph it and inform the car rental company at the same time. You also need to check the tire pressure and oil level.

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