Why should I rent a car at Santorini airport?

We deliver our rental cars at Santorini airport without any extra charge! Anytime!


Santorini airport car rental

Santorini airport is located about 10 klms from Fira, 25 klms from Oia, 7 klms from Kamari, 12 klms from Firostefani, 14 klms from Imerovigli and 14 klms from Perissa and Perivolos.

On your arrival, it would be very useful and convenient, to have a car waiting for you, so you can start your holidays in Santorini without any delay. The rental car of your choice could be there, ready to go!

All our cars can be delivered at Santorini airport. Automatic cars, mini buses, smart cars, convertible cars and jeeps, economy and family cars, any model that fits your needs, is delivered free of charge.

Once the visitor arrives at Santorini airport, going to the hotel is most likely the first thing to do. To get to your hotel, which is probably at least 10 klms away from the airport, the easiest way is a rental car.

How do I go to my hotel from the airport?

A Santorini car rental can wait for you at Santorini airport when you arrive, which is the best way, by a taxi, a public bus, or a private transfer. We need to mention that public buses are not so often, and taxis are usually not enough for everyone.

We suggest that even if you don’t feel like hiring a car at Santorini airport, a transfer reservation is necessary. We, at Santorini easy car rentals, can help you with that as well.

Do you provide private transfers as well?

Yes, at Santorini airport car rental you could also book your transfer from Santorini airport to any hotel in Santorini, or to any other place in Santorini.

Our taxi service and private transfer service is the best you can get. In very low prices we can drive you with our brand new minibuses or luxury cars, to your hotel, or even arrange a unique private tour around Santorini.

What most people ask!

Do I need a car to visit the ancient city of Akrotiri?

The ancient city of Akrotiri is one of the most important not only in Greece, but in the world. The city of Akrotiri is a prehistoric settlement that was buried under volcanic ash and poultice during the huge volcanic eruption.

As a result, the settlement was preserved very well, providing archaeologists and visitors with a very vivid glimpse into the past. The city of Akrotiri was extremely advanced, and it features two-storey houses, indoor plumbing – something that most European cities didn’t get until the Renaissance.

Tours do not let you enjoy your time and see around whatever you want, since you have to follow their program. Santorini car rental allows you to plan your own trip and spend as much time as you wish!

Why do you need a rented car in Santorini?

Santorini is well known for its beauty and unique landscape. This island is one of the most photographed tourist destination in Greece.

Apart from the wonderful sunsets and the beautiful white washed houses Santorini offers adorable road trips with Santorini airport car rental. Due to its geographical position, climate and landscape, Santorini has a history, that only tourists renting a car can discover it.

As a result, apart from the natural sights, there are also many archaeological monuments that you can visit on the island. Renting a Santorini car can help you visit all sights and old villages on your own pace.

Do I need a car to see the beaches in Santorini?

Santorini is famous for its unique beaches many of which have unique characteristics thanks to the island’s rather turbulent geological history. In Santorini you will find very beautiful beaches such as the red beach which took its name from the red rocks that surround it. Vlychada is also a beautiful beach which resembles a lunar landscape.

The most economic way to get to the beaches is by a Santorini rental car.

Most of the island’s other beaches, including Perissa, a town that is very popular feature black sand again due to the volcanic eruption that happened thousands of years ago. The beaches are spread all over the island so the best way to visit them is by car.

Santorini Car Rental is definitely the right choice for those who want to be able to drive to all of the island’s many beach, and why not, discover some least known.

Should I rent a car to visit vineyards and wineries?

You may not know it, but Santorini is famous for its wines. The volcanic ash and poultice that has been covering its ground for thousands of years gives the wines produced here a rather unique flavour.

In fact, some wine types, such as Nychteri and Vinsanto can only be produced here. The island is full of wineries and vineyards most of which are open to the public.

You should definitely rent a car at Santorini airport car rental if you arrive by plane and visit the most famous and popular vineyard, Santo Wines, ran by the island’s wine producers association.

During your visit to the wineries you can learn about the wine production process and you can even get to do some wine tasting to experience the unique wines that Santorini has to offer.


Santorini airport information

Olympic airways office tel +30 22860 22493  &  +30 22860 22793

Aegean airlines office tel +30 22860 28500

Santorini airport facilities

  • Duty free shop
  • Cafe
  • Information office ( tel +30 22860 28400 )
  • Souvenir shop
  • Jewellery shop
  • Airlines information offices
  • ATM

Santorini airport car rental Service

When you book a car with Santorini car with Santorini airport car rental delivery, our people wait for you when you arrive, holding a sign with your name. Our stuff helps you with the paperwork, which only takes a couple of minutes, shows you the car, and your are ready to go.

Everyone dreams of crystal blue waters and beaches with sand in various colours! From red sand beach to black and white sand beaches, Santorini has everything you ever imagined. The only thing you should need is to rent a Santorini car and a map. Experience the best road trip to the beaches in Santorini that should be part of your holiday plans.

Because of the warm weather in Greece you can visit Santorini’s beaches all year around. If the moon had beaches they would look like Santorini. Unmatched in beauty and diversity, Santorini is perhaps the most beautiful island of the Cyclades.

Certainly the sunset, the volcano, its white houses and the view from the Caldera are the perfect combination to create an unparalleled idyllic setting for everyone. So book a Santorini airport car rental in advance and meet the sea side of Santorini.

Santorini Car Rental offers the best prices!

Book online and get the best rates!

You can book a rental car from our website or rent a car at Santorini airport or Santorini port! We offer high quality services in Santorini 30 years now! This is not just another reservation system, we are a real Santorini located, Santorini car rental company.

We provide free detail maps of Santorini, and GPS (if booked), to make things even easier. According to your plans, without any additional charge, you could return the car for free in any other place of Santorini, such as the port for example.

How does booking work in Santorini Car Rental?

We give you the advantage to return your rental car, at any hotel in Santorini… Always free of charge. We remind you that you can also pick up and drop off your Santorini car rental at Santorini port or airport.

The only thing you should do is to inform us where you would like the car to be brought for you. We can arrange to drop your rented car where ever it suits you.

Whether you come to the island of Santorini by boat or by plane, our people will be there waiting for you with the car you chose… even if there would be a delay!

Booking options:

  • You can directly book a Santorini Rent A Car if you email us with your request, and we will confirm by email.


  • Another option is to call us, which is the fastest way for last minute reservations. Imagine you are at your hotel having breakfast and you feel that you need a rental car, or you have just arrived at Santorini airport, or at Santorini port and you don’t have a reservation.


  • Call us and we will be there in a few minutes!


Provided that there is a vehicle available, renting a Santorini car last minute is easy for everyone. Stay safe with Santorini airport car rental and book a car in advance to be sure for availability.

So book your car online via our website, call us or send us an email with your request, so you can collect your car at Santorini airport.

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