Santorini Beaches

Santorini rental car is propably the best way to explore the beaches of Santorini. If you choose to rent a car in Santorini, you won’t have to worry about bus schedules and taxi fares. For sure you save money, plus you can make the most out of your time !! Santorini car rental guarantees to help you in the best possible way !


Perissa beach is a well known black sand beach of Santorini. Local people used to come to Perissa beach for swimming before any visitor discovered this very beautifull beach with the clear waters. Nowdays, there is everything a visitor might want. Lots of nice restaurants, tavernas, cafes and beach bars, diving centers, water sports and places to shop. With a Santorini rental car, one can get to Perissa beach very easily, as it is located at the end of the main road. There are free parking places very near the water, so parking is not a problem . On the beach there are are sunbeds and umbrellas. In the area there are a lot of hotels , apartments and villas.


Perivolos is another blck sand beach, located at the south part of Santorini, just next to Perissa beach and Agios Georgios beach. It s consindered one of the most popular beaches of Santorini together with the red beach in Akrotiri. Easy accessable with a rental car, offers free parking . All kinds of modern facilities are available for anyone that wishes to swim and enjoy the sun at Perivolos beach. Perivolos is not as built up as Perissa or Kamari, which means that even if there are meny restaurants beach bars e.t.c. , there is still parts available that you can be on your own…


The volcanic rocks that sarround Vlychada beach, have amazing shapes !!Vlychada is a quiet and beautifull beach. Is located next to the only marina of the island and in the area there are a couple of restaurants and a small caffe. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available only between June and September. You can drive to Vlychada with your rental car easily, but keep your speed low as the road has many turns. The sunset from Vlychada is just unforgetable. Its one of the less crowded beaches of Santorini…

Red Beach - (Kokkini)

Welcome to the most famous beach of Santorini!! The red beach is the beach that will be reccomended to you by everyone. Red beach is located in Akrotiri, very near to the excavation site of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri, one of the most importand archeological sites in europe ! Almost everyone that visits Santorini will come to this place at least once. You can drive with your Santorini rental car untill the end of the road, and then you have to walk down the path that leads down to the beach. Hugh red rocks are all around, and the beach itself is full of tiny red stones. Even if we never suggested this amazing beach, everyone else will when you arrive!


Kamari beach is a very famous and cosmopolitan beach with black sand. Many hotels, villas, restaurants, caffes, bars and shops of all kind are here to make your vacation easy. The road along the beach of Kamari is not open to vehicles, so you can enjoy long walks along the beach. Kamari is a very nice place to relax and enjoy the sea. Since cars are not allowed to enter the beach road, if you rent a car, you have to park it in one of the many free parking places very near the water. From Kamari there is a road that goes up to Ancient Thira, the ruins of an ancient city at the top of the mountain near Kamari . Our advise is not to try and drive up there with your rental car, but take a minibus or walk up, since the road is neary narrow and scary!

White beach

White beach is located very near the red beach, and is accessable only by boat. The white rocks around , gave the name to the beach. Is a popular place for catamarans that cruise around Santorini.


Monolithos is located near the airport.

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