Santorini island is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It combines natural beauty, archaeological interest, the notoriously famous Greek tradition and of course, the Mediterranean Cuisine! Keep in mind that renting a car seems to be the best way to move around the island  so please feel free to see our offers and discounts! Santorini car rental is mandatory if you want to see its beauty to the fullest!

Santorini – Places to visit with your rental car

After you have rented a car there are a handful of must-see locations, so make sure your tank is full of gas and kick the road to the following places!

1. Oia

Set 19km from Santorini Port, with a rented car it will take almost 35 minutes to arrive in Oia, where you will see a sunset you will never forget! This notorious sunset attracts millions of tourists all over the world every year, but also the locals, who choose to visit Oia when the sun goes down! At one point in your life you have seen this famous sunset in postcards, or travel agencies that cite Oia in almost every top-10 list of sightseeing!

2. Fira

Fira is located only 8,5km from the Port and 12km from Oia, which means that a rental car can take you to Fira in about 20 minutes of drive! Why go to Fira? In a distance of 250 meters from the sea, Fira seem as if they climbed up the hill dressed up in a festive white outfit, capturing the enthusiasm of millions of tourists every summer! Definitely a stop worth making!

3. Firostefani

Since you plan visiting Fira, it will be naïve not to go 500m further, to the gorgeous Firostefani. You will reach this quiet village in 5 minutes drive tops with you rental car. It was named this way because it is a continuation of Fira and it remains one of the best stops at every visitor’s list! The view to the Caldera is incomparable, with the cliff at your feet causing the heart to skip a beat! In Firostefani you will also find some of the best restaurants and taverns of the island.

4. Ammoudi

Your Santorini rental car will get some rest with this one! While at Oia, it is strongly recommended to go to Ammoudi Bay, a must-see picturesque little harbor. The only way to go there is by climbing down 214 steps, or having a donkey climb them down for you. Definitely no rental car here! Ammoudi Bay is surrounded by the steep cliffs of Oia, thus also providing a breathtaking view both to Oia and the glorious sunset!

5. Nea Kammeni 

The locals call it “the Volcano” and the visitors have it on their to-see lists long before they have actually arrived. Nea Kammeni is the middle of three little islands that witnessed the volcano eruption, and on it lies the largest crater, called Dafni. You can walk around the crater and see all kinds of rock colors, consisting to a once in a lifetime experience. The only way to go is with a boat, so you do not need a GPS here!

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