Santorini Villages

Explore Santorini villages with a rental car

Santorini has many beautiful villages to explore. Get to know the real Santorini, meet local people, and taste local products while exploring the villages. Explore the island with your rental car, as we think that is the best way to get around! here are some of the most important villages you should visit!

Akrotiri village

One of the most famous villages in Santorini, mainly because of the excavation site located in the area, and the red beach. The excavation site and the ancient city of Akrotiri, is considered on of the most important worldwide. The ancient city was destroyed by the hugh volcanic eruption at 1650 B.C. , and was covered by volcanic ash. As a result the city was preserved in excellent condition. The excavations tha take place there for the last 50 years, have revieled frescoes and artifacts as well as many houses and roads that are now open for public to visit. There is a parking just in front of the excavation site, so if you choose to get there with your Santorini rental car, that is very convenient.

In Akrotiri village area, you can also see the red beach, the white beach, and the lighthouse, not to mention the beautiful views of the volcanic islands and the aegean sea. Please note that you can not drive all the way down to the red or white beach, as there is not a road.

What you can do is park your vehicle at the end of the road where there is a free parking space, and then walk down, or take a small boat from the beach near the excavation site. Akrotiri area has many nice traditional restaurants and tavernas, and many nice hotels, with some of them overlooking the volcanic islands and the caldera, as they are built on Akrotiri cliffs.

Oia village

Oia, is for sure the most famous village of Santorini, and that is for a good reason. The sunset from Oia is knowned to be if not the best, one of the best in the world!

The village is built on top of the cliffs, offering unforgetable views to the sea and the volcanic islands. Blue church doms, cave houses, narrow streets, make Oias traditional village one of the nicest villages in Europe. Mostly busy during the sunset hours, is an ideal place to spend your evening.

Lots of shops, restaurants, tavernas, caffes, are situated along the pedestrian road that runs Oia along the cliffs from side to side. You can park your Santorini rental car in one of the free parking places, and the enjoy your walk in Oias little streets and paths.

In the area of Oia one can find Amoudi port, a small port located at the bottom of the cliffs, and Armeni old port, located near by. There are steps leadind to the two old ports, and for Ammoudi, there is also a road, if one prefers to drive there.


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