Winter vacation in Santorini

In Santorini Easy Rent, we know better than anyone that the small island of the Cyclades is famous worldwide for its surreal landscape, the abundant view of the Aegean and the sunset. Summer in particular is flooded with tourists who want to admire the beauty of the island and experience romantic moments. However, we visited the island in the winter and we give you reasons (and occasions) for you to visit Santorini in the winter. If you wish to spend your winter vacation in Santorini then keep reading to find out more about it.

Why should you visit the island for winter vacation in Santorini?

If you are one of these people who love traveling during the cold, winter time, then this is an experience that you will definitely want to live. A Greek island in the middle of the winter is basically a paradise for winter travelers. During December or January, you will find the local people more willing to help you and show you around.

The alleys are going to be just for you, the view of the endless blue is exactly the same as it is during summer, with less fuss. It is a great opportunity for you to get to know the island while it is emptier than the busy  summer months.

Rent a car with Santorini Easy Rent

We need to remind you that in Santorini you will need a vehicle for your transportation. The bus routes are even lesser during the winter as the only people staying on the island are the locals. You will need to book your car or come to the headquarters of Santorini Easy Rent and rent a car. We have over 20 different car models which can satisfy your needs. Take a look and book your car online or by calling us.

You can enjoy the sunset and take a photo without at least 3 tourists in the frame

The island as we said is famous for its sunset. So where you want to enjoy it cuddling with the other half and you have taken your place early, and slowly people appear out of nowhere. So you end up being surrounded, or climbing roofs to enjoy a sunset. In Santorini in winter, however, you will enjoy it without distractions. And even if they arise you can just move to the ample space next door.

You can stay in hotel for half the money!

Prices really have nothing to do with it. In discussions with many friends we end up with how expensive the island is (in summer) and if you want a room with even a little view of the well-known parts of the island you will pay a lot. In winter things are different. You can find the suite you dream of at half price, or even at one third of the price!

You will enjoy traditional food and fresh fish without going bankrupt

As we said above, everything is much cheaper in winter since it is low season and the demand is not the same as in summer. Santorini in winter is therefore suitable for fresh fish, fava with capers, tomato meatballs and caramelized onions and plenty of Santorini wine.

You will find a table in any tavern – restaurant and enjoy better service

One of the most annoying things when you are on vacation is that you have to do a whole tour to find a place to eat. However, in Santorini in winter there is no such problem. Of course, not all stores are open, but you still have great options! Of course, not every restaurant will be open during the winter, as the bigger ones tend to close for the winter, but you will find even better small restaurants and taverns, run by local people.

It is easier to experience the Greek hospitality when you are alone on the island during winter.

You will enjoy the “Red Beach” alone

Another great advantage that you will have if you are going to go on winter vacation in Santorini is the quiet beaches. The wild beauty of Kokkini Paralia (Red beach) “is unique. But think that it is full of people and you do not have space or to stand. Does this remind you of something; In the winter at most you can meet some Chinese tourists who just take some pictures and leave.

If you succeed on a sunny day, relax and have a picnic with your loved ones, gazing at the red rocks. You can not swim (unless you are a courageous winter swimmer), but between us you do not go to Santorini for its beaches.

You and your map will explore the archeological site of Akrotiri without being disturbed

A very interesting archeological site that takes you back to the 16th century BC. You can clearly see the houses and even jars since then. Note that they even had a sewer system. You do not say it a little so many years ago. In Santorini in winter you have the opportunity to enjoy and learn the history of this place in a completely peaceful and quiet landscape.

You will walk without obstacles at the straits of Oia and the Caldera

These graphic white straights really steal your heart. So think of walking alone, gazing at the view that emerges at every turn and relaxing. Do the same thought now with the other 30 people in front of you, barking to shout to enter the tavern on the right and you to try to relax. You can;

We wish that you will take the step and go on winter vacation in Santorini as you will not regret it. It is a unique ezperience that you will never forget!

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