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6 things to do before renting a car in Santorini

Are you about to leave for your vacation in Santorini and you need to know what to bring with you and  what actions to take? InSantorinieasyrent.com, we are thinking about our customers so this is why we decided to create this list of the “6 things to do before renting a car in Santorini”.

If you are one of those people who are still thinking about whether they should rent a car or get their own, let us tell you that we support car rental 100%! It is a much cheaper solution as you save the cost of transporting the car by ship. At the same time, you save the cost of damaging your car and you definitely have a vehicle replacement in case of an accident!

1. Bring the necessary documents

When renting a car you must make sure that all your details are filled in correctly in the documents and in great detail the details of the security you have chosen! The best option is to choose Mixed Insurance that will cover you from all possible damages. It may sound like a long process but it will save you more paperwork in case of an accident!

You are also going to need some identification so that the car rental company knows your personal details. This is why you need your passport or ID, your credit card and of course your drivers license. Our company accepts licenses that are issued at least one year before the car rental and we also require the drivers to be of more than 23 years of age.

The age limit can be modified though as younger drivers could rent a car with additional charges, mainly for insurance.

2. Double check before leaving your home

Before leaving your house for vacation please double check that you have all of the necessary documents with you! The documents mentioned above are crucial as no car rental company will give you a vehicle if you do not carry those with you!

3. Period of car rental and place of pick up

The one thing you should always check is the period that you have rented your car. What do we mean by that? Let’s say that you have committed a typo when booking online and instead of the 6-10 of June you have chosen the dates 6-16. Of course, the charge is going to be much more higher but there is a chance that you will not notice it.

In case something like this happen, you should immediately contact our car rental company by email or phone to inform us about the mistake. We will try our best to correct it so that you will not be charged more money.

The designated pick up place is one thing to remember too! Our car rental company offers you the chance to get the car from your hotel, the company or even at the Santorini port car rental! Just be careful and do not mix things up!

4. Take a look at the destination map

Before going on your trip to Santorini, you should take a look at the map of the island. Open Google maps or a traditional map and search for the best routes to drive, modify your daily trips and organize your vacation ahead of time! Do the same with museums and culture so that you know what to expect from the people there!

This way you will be aware of the customs and the available beaches and routes and you will definitely be more comfortable while driving on the island.

5. Check the vehicle

One thing you should always do before renting a car in Santorini is check the vehicle. Our car rental company checks every car individually at the time of the drop odd and pick up. This does not mean that we could not make a mistake though!

Check the car and see if we have accidentally mixed your car with another booking that requires a baby seat or GPS equipment and report it before you leave! This way we will replace your car right away and you will not be charged extra!

The check also goes for when you need some kind of extra equipment and it is not in the car at the moment of the pick up. Let us know and we will bring the extra equipment to you!

6. Read before you sign

This might be one of the most important tips in our “6 things to do before renting a car in Santorini”. And it also goes for any contract you sign. Read it carefully before you sign because it is a human trait to make mistakes!

The car rental company could have mixed the contracts up or not included something you asked for! At this event, mention your problem or request to one of our employees and we will fix it as soon as possible!

Do not forget!

Before you go please check your bag because you need to bring some important things with you. First of all, you need your passport and driving license. Without these two documents, any car rental company will deny renting you a car as they are proof of your personal details and of the confirmation that you can drive.

If there are going to be more than one drivers then you should bring their documents too. Secondly, most car rentals companies require you to pay with a credit card so if you have not repaid the total amount of money for the car in advance, you need to bring the credit card too.

Overview of 6 things to do before renting a car in Santorini

All in all, there are things you should be cautious about when renting a car but if you do your research you will not have any issues! In Santorinieasyrent.com, are known for our great services and our happy customers are the proof!

Make sure to rent a car in Santorini in order to enjoy your vacation there and see as many things of the island as possible!

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